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Incredibly brutal footage shows how ISIS punish their own fighters by stamping on their heads and whipping them with belts… because they were caught SMOKING

  • Isis commanders released footage of them punishing their own troops 
  • The victims were beaten, stamped upon and even prodded by assault rifles
  • Isis has a strict anti-smoking policy because the habit is harmful to health 
  • The Jihadi group has an increasingly bizarre list of punishments  

Isis has released a video which the terror organisation claims shows their men beating fellow Jihadis who took a break from murder and mayhem to have a cigarette.

The video shows a group of men sitting down under a black Isis flag while on terrorist begins stamping on them and then prodding them with the barrel of his assault rifle.

Later several terrorists join in the punishment, furiously whipping the men.

One of the victims is pistol-whipped with the butt of the assault rifle.

It is understood that the terrorists were being punished for smoking, which Isis has branded as ‘un-Islamic’.

A first smoking offence is punished by 40 lashes. A second offence leads to a whipping and imprisonment. A third smoking infringement results in a large fine and a trip to a country camp.
The terrorist group has also introduced a range of ‘eye-for-eye’ punishments, where they inflict the same wounds on supposed criminals as they did on their victims.

In this case, the two men being harmed had allegedly slashed the head of a man in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The group has previously published a list of horrendous penalties for alleged crimes committed under its territory.

The images were posted online by anti-ISIS activists Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently who are fierce opponents of the militants’ brutal practices.

It tweeted: ‘ISIS Injured the head of 2 boys who Injured another boy… and they make the wound in the same size.’

Islamic State has shared thousands of images revealing its merciless interpretation of law and order on land under the control.

In a revealing document which surfaced on its vast social media web, the group said all those who blaspheme against God or his messenger will be put to death.

Adulterers who engage in a sexual relationship are stoned to death while those found guilty of ‘highway robbery’ face execution.

Isis claims this list of religious punishments is a ‘warning and deterrent’ to so-called disbelievers and infidels. And many of the punishments have already been carried out by Isis.

Public crucifixions in the Isis stronghold of Raqqa in northern Syria have become common-place while pictures of stonings and gay men being thrown from buildings have been widely circulated on social media.

The new list of religious punishments pertains to the Isis-controlled province of Aleppo and claims to be based on Sharia law.


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