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Kim Jong-un orders more military top brass to be executed after they failed to follow his orders to give soldiers bigger rice portions

  • Kim Jong-un has executed people using anti-aircraft guns and wild dogs
  • His latest victims were senior military leaders killed for failing their troops
  • Kim, it is claimed, wanted to have his army better fed with more rice 
  • Among his latest victims is So Hong-chan, his deputy chief of defence  

Kim Jong-un has continued his ruthless purge of top-ranking officials with another raft of executions – this time over their failure to give soldiers more food.

In the latest cull, the North Korean despot is said to have ordered the death of his vice armed forces minister, So Hong-chan, and several others close to him for not following his orders.

Kim recently ordered the execution of his chief of defence Hyon Yong-chol who was understood to have fallen asleep during an overly-long meeting.

It was reported that the unfortunate general was blasted by an anti-aircraft gun from less than 100 yards for his treasonous activities.

However, now Kim has begun killing off those who were seen to be close to the former defence chief as he has concerns over their continuing loyalty.

Among those who have believed to have been executed is So Hong-chan, who was appointed to his position in November 2013.

Observers believe So has also been purged because he was not seen during Kim’s visit to the Kumsusan Place of the Sun where the embalmed bodies of his father and grandfather have been placed on display.

So was photographed with Kim on earlier visits to the unusual memorial. He was last seen publicly during one of Kim’s ‘field guidance’ visits, where the dictator offers advice to his people.

It is believed that senior military officials are being punished for their failure to increase the rice allowance for the nation’s soldiers.

Hyon Yong-Chol, 66, who was named head of North Korea’s military in 2012, was killed in front of hundreds of bloodthirsty officials at a military camp in the capital Pyongyang on April 30.

It is not the first time a ZPU-4 anti-aircraft gun has been used for executions in North Korea, with recently released satellite images showing a number of unidentified people being killed using the brutal method at the same camp last October.

Those images showed the targets just 100 feet from the guns, which have a range of 26,000 feet.

Han Ki-Beom, deputy director of South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency, told a parliamentary committee that hundreds of officials watched the execution in Pyongyang on April 30.

The intelligence service told politicians that Hyon was killed by an anti-aircraft gun at Kang Kon Military Academy – a method cited in various unconfirmed reports as being reserved for senior officials who the leadership wishes to make examples of.

Hyon was apparently caught falling asleep during formal military events and is said to have also spoken back to Kim Jong-Un on several occasions.

Lawmaker Shin Kyoung-min, who attended the parliamentary briefing during which news of the execution was announced, said the NIS believed it to be true.

Hong Hyun-ik, chief researcher at the Sejong Institute, a security think tank based in Seoul, told local broadcaster YTN that the anti-artillery gun used would have left the body utterly unrecognizable.

‘Because there are several guns bound together, it would be hard to find the body after firing it once. It’s really gruesome. What they did would have ripped all his flesh off, done in the manner of ‘let’s see what sort of punishment this is.’

The execution was initially reported by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, although reports from North Korea are impossible to independently confirm.

The lawmakers said Hyon was executed at a firing range at the Kanggon Military Training Area, which is located 14 miles north of the capital Pyongyang.

The satellite pictures revealed for the first time that Kim’s regime were using anti-aircraft weapons to brutally execute people in front on hundreds of people.

The images, which have been released by the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea and AllSource Analysis, were taken in October last year.

They appear to show six ZPU-4 anti-aircraft guns being used to shoot a line of people stood 100 yards away, with a viewing platform located nearby.

Outraged critics said the victims would have been ‘pulverised’ by the artillery fire, in what they described as the latest example of brutality employed by the dictator to suppress his own people.

Hyon was last known to have spoken publicly at a security conference in Moscow in April, but is said to have shown disrespect to Kim by dozing off at a subsequent military event.

He was also believed to have stood up to and publicly complained about Kim, and had not ignored official orders on multiple occasions, according to the lawmakers.

Hyon is understood to have been arrested late last month and executed three days later without legal proceedings.

Hyon is believed to have been a military general since 2010 and served on the committee for late leader Kim Jong-il’s funeral in December 2011, before becoming defence minister.

In North Korea, the defence minister is mainly in charge of logistics and international exchanges.

Policy-making is handled by the powerful National Defence Commission and the party Central Military Commission.

Since taking power upon the death of his dictator father in late 2011, Kim Jong Un has orchestrated a series of purges in apparent efforts to bolster his grip on power.

Experts on North Korea said there was no sign of instability in Pyongyang, but there could be if the purges continued.

Kim ordered the execution of 15 senior officials this year as punishment for challenging his authority, according to the NIS. In all, around 70 officials have been executed since Kim took over after his father’s death in 2011, Yonhap news agency cited the NIS as saying.

Analysts are split on whether the bloody power shifts indicate a young leader in firm control, or someone still struggling to establish himself.


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