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Terrorists Warn Xtians That ‘The Killing Of Christians Will Continue Until They Go Back To Christian Lands.’

Horjooge-Cali-Dheere1Cali Dheere, spokesperson for al-Shabaab. Although we are not sure if he is the same spokesperson who made this statement
Muslim jihadists, who are members of the terrorist group al-Shabaab, sent out a message recently, stating that the killing of Christians in Kenya will continue until all of the Christians leave the country. This is the same gang of thugs who slaughtered 150 Christians at a university campus, and slaughtered around 80 people in the Westgate Mall Massacre. A spokesperson for Al-Shabaab said:

We are saying they have to leave the whole Muslim land. We won’t give up an inch of the Muslim land. And the killing will continue until they go back to Christian land.

Al-Shabaab wants to make Kenya into another Nigeria, where Christians are butchered like cattle regardless of all of the promises that the Nigerian government makes to eventually stop Boko Haram all together. When Al-Shabaab was slaughtering people in the Westgate Mall, it literally took hours for the police to arrive, and the ones who really made the first attack on the terrorists was a group of good samaritans who were not even paid to pounce upon the murderers. For those who don’t know all of the details, here is a very well done documentary on the Westgate Mall Massacre:


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