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Another Houston Mosque Set Ablaze

islamic-fire-01Quba (KOH’-buh) Islamic Institute ablaze in Houston

Houston is no stranger to burning mosques. In fact, there have been numerous mosques deliberately set ablaze in parts of Texas and other states over the past several years.


A fire has broken out at an Islamic community and education center in Houston.

The Houston Fire Department responded around 5:30am this morning to a structure fire at the Quba (KOH’-buh) Islamic Institute.

Flames could be seen burning a structure.

One can only wonder when conservatives or “right-wingers” will be blamed for this latest tragedy without the slightest “smidgen” of proof?

What is interesting is that it is clear that at least some people do not accept the official explanation for the recent tragic murders of three Muslims by one Craig Stephens Hicks over what is said to have been an ongoing parking dispute. The guy is obviously a loon who aligns himself with the anti-theist beliefs of people like Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow. His social network page also attacks religion in general. He is a leftist, yet people came out to condemn him based on an errant belief that he is a “right-winger,” though he is clearly not that.

In this latest situation, people are of mixed viewpoint. Some believe that some good ol’ Texans started the blaze in retribution for Islam’s Sharia coming to their state. Others argue it was the Islamists themselves who started the fire to claim victimization. Yet others were happy as clams that another mosque has burned.

Surveillance video showed one individual tossing an accelerant onto a rug inside the mosque after breaking a window. Unfortunately, the same surveillance video was not able to capture a clear image of the perpetrator.

The problem is that we do not know who started the blaze, but that won’t keep the left from making wild accusations. When it turns out they’re wrong – as they were with Craig Stephens Hicks, they will immediately begin ignoring the situation and move onto something else.

Several things may come out of this type of thing. First, there may be a push (assault?) to limit freedom of speech. This exists in the UK, Canada, and other places. Not only is it against the law there to speak against Islam or Muhammad (even if the truth), it is also against the law to condemn/criticize homosexuality. It is very possible that the government will use these types of situations to address the issue of “freedom of speech.”

I find it fascinating that people are calling what Craig Stephens Hicks did a “hate” crime. If it is true that the argument ending in a triple murder was over parking issues in that particular neighborhood, it would negate any claim of “hate” toward a specific group. Yet, when a white person kills a person considered to be a “minority,” then the additional charge of “hate” crime is almost always tagged onto the original charges. This is rarely the case when the reverse is true.

There are way too many examples to list to prove the double standard. August of 2013, Australian college student Christopher Lane was gunned down by three “bored” teens. Two of the teens are black and one is white. This is considered a random killing and even though two of the teens are black and the victim white, no hate crime.

Here’s an entire website dedicated to proving the double standard, where whites are beaten, brutalized, and/or killed by blacks and the perpetrators are simply not charged with hate crimes.

Personally, I don’t think there should be additional “hate” crime charges to any crime. It’s patently ridiculous, but statistics prove that it is mainly used for the benefit of minority perpetrators, not whites.

In America, Muslims are considered a minority, yet at the rate of their growth here, in at least parts of America, they will become the majority. I contend that even if/when they become the majority throughout the nation, they will still be treated as though they are a minority. Why? Because of the false, unproven “theory” of Critical Race Theory, of which “white privilege” is part and parcel.

People in the United States are obviously frustrated over the influx and onslaught of Islam into the country. This is being encouraged by the Obama administration and it is leaving people feel as though our country is being overrun by illegals and Muslims and not necessarily for their own safety or growth, but to change America and not in a good way.

It is tragic that another mosque has been set ablaze. I’m glad no one was hurt because buildings can be replaced. The problem though is that time and time in America, we have seen an administration that is foisting their ideals onto this country via their support for Muslims.

We can argue until we’re blue in the face about moderates and radicals within Islam. It is literally impossible to know. Certainly, the images of the three Muslims gunned down by Hicks portrayed a group of people who appeared to love life. But can we judge anyone by one or two images?


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