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SWEDEN: Syrian Muslim asylum seekers are bitching, “We cannot live in this kind of weather, we want free housing in a city environment”

yrian Muslim asylum seekers decided to occupy a bus for two days and stage semi-nude protests after being transported from Malmö to a small Swedish village called Grytan outside of Östersund.
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Swedish Surveyor Upon arrival they refused to leave the bus and demanded that they be returned to Sweden’s third largest city which now has a minority Swedish population i.e. multicultural Malmö. The reasons for refusing to stay in Grytan weren’t entirely clear and ranged from being unable to compose music to being given faulty information.

(The ‘cold weather photos below are of where Syrian refugees were living in Lebanon for a year or more before they came to Sweden)

“I am 75 years old and come from the Middle East. Then I get sent to a place that looks like this,” a man from Syria told Östersunds-Posten, pointing to the icy road. “It is dangerous for me to be here.”

“Normally I play music and write songs. That’s not possible here, I become completely dead inside from living here”

“Yes, we don’t demand much. But now we must live 8 in each room, people with different backgrounds and ages. It is cold outside and cold in the rooms. I doubt that for example Germany treats its refugees like this”

“Either they take us out of here to a better establishment, or we start a hunger strike” – laments a displeased Muhammed. (GOOD!)

One of the immigrants describes the village as being isolated from the service he had been expecting to get. This came as a surprise to one of Sweden’s Radios reporter who pointed out that she comes from Östersund to which one of the asylum seekers responded: “Yes, but we are Arabs. We cannot live here in this kind of weather.” (That’ funny, you were living in that kind of weather for a long time and in much worse conditions than you’ll have in Sweden)

Once the dialogue police were called to the scene they refused to evict the protesters most likely due to fears that Swedish journalists would start whining about inhumane treatment of refugees.
“One has to be cautious. This regards people seeking protection and removing them from the bus isn’t suitable. We hope to be able to solve this with dialogue. When a decision has been made by Swedish Enforcement Authority, we can assist” – said officer Bengt Stadin with the Jämtland Police.

The Migration Board was contacted by the media and one of their spokesmen, Fredrik Bengtsson, said that asylum seekers can live wherever they like in Sweden but that they would then have to take care of their own accommodation which makes sense considering the restrictions on building and uncontrolled mass immigration has led to a housing shortage and in turn the housing bubble i wrote about here.

“We have seen cases where asylum seekers have certain ideas of what awaits them in Sweden and when that doesn’t match reality, then problems arise. They don’t feel what they see here meets their expectations. We’ve had a large amount of people come to Sweden this year and so we can’t place them where they want,” Bengtsson said.


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