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ANALYSIS: Israel’s Next Trouble Spot is the Golan Heights

With the Islamists taking over Syria, the Golan Heights stands to be threatened by ISIS and other terror groups.
For some reason, the Western media is not highlighting the fact that Syrian rebels are making huge advances against Assad. He’s has lost Palymra, Jisir Al-Shughour and other main spots that he is no longer able to even claim in his media. The man is losing ground rapidly and the rebels could win sooner than we all might think. In fact, the rebels do already control all of Syria’s borders except for a strip between Lebanon and Syria, where Assad still holds his ground.

But this is not going to pass without a huge toll for Israel. Who are those rebels? These are Islamists, such as Jabhat Al-Nusra and ISIS. This is happening because the world and the USA have failed to support the secular rebels who were the majority just three years ago. This was a mistake which Israel and the rest of us will pay for despite not having to do anything with it.

Islamists are now officially on Israel’s borders and around the Golan heights, which means the minute they get rid of Assad, they will point their guns at Israeli soldiers, farmers and children in the Golan. It is very bad news for Israel but a very smart move for the rebels.

The minute those rebels target the Golan Heights, they will suddenly become relevant to the world media and to the international decision makers, like the UN and even the US. The war between Muslims and Jews is a major event in which everyone has to have a say and this exactly is what the Islamists in Syria want.

Let me explain it with an example. Before Hamas was blowing up buses in Israel, it was just another movement. Today, Hamas is a word that is mentioned. In other words, to get fame, one must fight and kill the Jews. This is the simplest method of prominence that Arab rebels seem to operate under and there is not much Israel can do to stop it.

Now, what can Israel do before this begins? Israel could push the US to support and aide the secular rebels. They may never out power the Islamists but at least they could make some balance and at least keep both sides busy with rivalry instead of landing rockets over Israelis and even Arabs living in the Golan Heights.

All of this could have been avoided was it not for some unrealistic theory producers tucked in the safety of their homes in Western capitals, who theorized that it was best to keep the war between Assad and Islamists raging onwards. No, ladies and gentlemen, the US could have avoided us all of this was it to teach Assad a lesson back in 2011 right after it was done with Qaddafi. All of this is too late now. It is just realistic that Israel prepares for the worst of the worst in the Golan


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