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VIDEO: Obama Threatens US Military Cadets With JAIL for Defying His Agenda

If President Barack Obama gets his way, any member of the U.S. military that openly denied the reality of man-made climate change could find themselves in the brig, charged with dereliction of duty.

Yes, you read that right. Obama says that climate change poses a threat to America’s national security, and a failure of the members of the military to defend America from a changing climate constitutes a “dereliction of duty.”

These absolutely ludicrous comments came during a commencement address to the graduating cadets of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn.

Obama sent a clear message to skeptics of man-made climate change, saying, “Denying it or refusing to deal with it undermines our national security.”

“Make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country,” Obama added. “We need to act and we need to act now.”

He went on to explain that rising sea levels and melting ice caps and heavy rains and droughts and severe storms could all lead to increased political instability, social tensions, and even terrorism, according to The Blaze.

What he failed to mention, though, is that his proposed solution of higher taxes and more regulation on greenhouse gas emissions will have a destructive effect on our nation’s economy, making us weaker on the world stage, which would do far more to increase instability, tensions, and terrorism than changing weather patterns ever could.

This is simply absurd, and once again the progressives, led by Dear Leader Obama, are trying to stifle debate and silence dissent to their grand plan of destroying America as a superpower and bringing it down to the level of the rest of the world by kneecapping it economically.


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