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“Danes can not even sit on their balcony and eat a pork sandwich”

Interview with paedagogue Khaled Mustapha about life in a Danish ghetto. The ghetto in question is situated in Kokkedal, which used to be a town where the richer Danes lived. But many things change with Muslim immigration.

Video from the ghetto in Kokkedal:

News clip: String of car arsons in Kokkedal. “Police says that the arsons was planned. The police do not have an estimate of the number of cars that have been torched.”

Translated from Politiken:

“I ought to be happy; politicians have in recent years invested heavily in the disadvantaged areas. They have spent millions to improve the physical environment, the homes have been refurbished, fine new trees are planted… But the human and social development out here has completely stopped, or maybe even worsened.

Immigrant gangs are stronger than ever … and young people’s hatred of Denmark thrive. It is deeply, deeply troubling, and I fear for the consequences for Danish society, if the politicians do not immediately wake up and do something drastic.”

The call comes from 40-year-old Khaled Mustapha …

“It is simply not attractive [for Danes to live here]. Yes, we have some students who give it a chance, but they move out of here again as soon as they can. … Ethnic Danes feel unsafe here, and I understand that. They can not even sit out on the balcony and eat a pork sandwich or set a Danish flag on the table without the risk of being accosted.”


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