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‘I was told my baby died’: Stolen newborn and mother are reunited 41 years later

Nelly Reyes was told that her newborn son had died of a heart condition in 1973 but was never shown his body
Travis-Tolliver Warm Embrace: Travis used Chilean penpal sites and Facebook groups to track down his biological mum

A mum who was told her son died shortly after birth has been reunited with him – 41 years later.

The nightmare began for Nelly Reyes back in 1973 when she had her newborn son was taken from her.

And it ended, as these amazing pictures show, when the 61-year-old mum-of-six finally met son Travis Trollier in an airport they shared a hug that spoke a thousand words.

Spanish-speaking Nelly held a sign reading: “‘Lovingly waiting for Travis, your mother Nelly and family”, as her English-speaking long-lost son and his 10-year-old son and daughter, 22, came through the arrivals gate.

The emotional mum told CNN: “I’m going to hug him every day. I love him so much.”

Travis-TolliverBig Hugs: Although Nelly and Travis speak different languages, their love was conveyed through a long embrace

Nelly, from Chile, gave birth when she was 19. But she was told by hospital employees that her son had been born with a heart condition and unlikely to survive.

When they told her that her baby had died hours later, she had not seen him, and she never received a death certificate.

What Nelly didn’t know was that her boy had been stolen, and was adopted by a family in Tacoma, Washington.

To this day, no one knows who took Travis, with he and his adoptive parents thinking he’d been abandoned by his birth mother.

But when he celebrated his 40th birthday, the dad-of-two decided to track her down and find out what had happened.

He explained: “I started by joining a pen pal web site and talking with people from Chile.

“I found out that babies were stolen from there unwed mothers in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s with a few here and there after the 80s.

“This really kickstarted my need to find my biological mother. I found a Facebook site Chile Adoption Birth Family Search.

“I gave them all the information I could find on my adoption. I want to say within three to four weeks they had found my mother.”


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