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Incredible moment burka-clad woman is turned away from Saudi shopping mall for being ‘indecent’… because her hands are exposed

  • Religious police officer approaches the woman at a mall in the city of Hail
  • He orders to not to speak to him as he demands she leave the vicinity 
  • The officer was furious that the veiled woman hadn’t covered her hands
  • He demands she puts on black gloves before she can continue shopping

This is the incredible moment a woman wearing a burka was forced to leave a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia after a religious police officer branded her exposed hands ‘indecent’.

Video footage of the incident, which took place at Barzan Mall in the northwestern city of Hail, shows a bearded man wearing a red headdress shouting at the woman and demanding she leave.

The man is understood to be a member of Saudi’s police force – known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice – which is notorious for imposing the country’s strict interpretation of Islamic law.

The 30-second video shows the woman wearing the traditional Saudi black abaya cloak, with only her bare hands showing, as she prepares to enter the mall.

Seconds later she is stopped by the bearded police officer, who shouts at her and demands she cover her exposed hands.

‘Walk away… don’t say a word… Put on some gloves,’ he demands, as he refuses to let the woman enter a shop.

Officials from the Saudi religious police force say they have launched an investigation into the incident, with Fahd Al Amer, a spokesman for the local branch, insisting he will ‘take the necessary measures based on the conclusions’.

There is also some discrepancy over the reason the the woman was barred from entering the shop, however, with some local media sources claiming the police officer initially approached the woman after receiving reports that she had been sitting unacceptably close to a male shopkeeper.



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