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Female bullfighter cuts ears off animals as trophy! Take Action Now!

OJbFHrtCOBStarted by Kelly Morgan
Petitioning: Jean Denat – President of the General Council – Gard Department, France

Bullfighter Lea Vicens, 30, was seen falling from her horse as the animal gored her. The incident occurred during the Feria de Nimes, an annual show that takes places in southern France. Just as the bulls’ horns drove into Ms. Vicens, the crowd gasped nervously; the French bullfighter narrowly escaped injury, before making a quick turn and cutting off the bull’s ears. Moments after, she presented her ‘trophy’ in front of thousands of cheering people.

After the bull was put down, the president of the event decides if a fighter has earned the right to take home a souvenir – usually an ear or a tail. If it was a good show, the matador can take home both.

Vicens returned home with a total of three ears, while her partner, Diego Ventura, walked away with four ears and a tail.

The celebrations in Nimes lasts five days and are held every year. Bullfights take places twice a day. Spectators are willing to fork up as much as €100 for a seat at a fight hosted by Lea Vicens. After the ‘sporting’ events are over, spectators gather in pubs and clubs to discuss the most important highlights of the day.

We, the undersigned, are deeply disappointed that such heartless shows are still allowed to take place in France. Mistreating an animal just for fun and entertainment is completely unacceptable and unethical. Given these facts we demand the termination of every bullfight in Nimes. Such events have no place in the 21st century!

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