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Why Does Nobody Give A S*** About Syria?!

This past March, the Syrian civil war entered into it’s fifth, yes… it’s FIFTH year.

Since the spring of 2011, the country has been ravaged by unrest, death and turmoil, but no one seems to think this is a big deal. Stories about the atrocities coming out of Syria seem to be of such little interest to the general public that they are casually swept aside shortly after being reported.

The different rebel factions and the Syrian government itself have been committing unspeakable crimes, and although the death toll and cruelty of this war are mind-boggling, NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE.

And why should we care, anyway?

I mean, does it even matter that –

  • More than half of the Syrian population has been displaced.
  • ISIS now controls half of Syria. (Seriously, look.)
  • Thousands of Syrian families have been torn apart and much of the private and public infrastructures have been destroyed.
  • There are currently millions of Syrians in refugee camps that are at risk of dying from lack of clean water.
  • Thousands of Syrian girls are being sold into marriage right now as you are reading this.
  • Thousands of Syrian boys are vulnerable to trafficking at this very moment.
  • The Syrian government is using helicopters to drop barrel bombs filled with chemical weapons on villages.
  • Cases of depression and of post-traumatic stress disorder, which lead to stress, anxiety, and nightmares- have increased by about 30% in Syria.
  • Pharmacies have reported that the sales of sleeping pills and anxiety medication has jumped up 30% since 2011.
  • 40% of Syrians are in dire need of psychological support.
  • Get this – NOBODY even knows the exact death toll. Nobody. Figures currently range between 140,000 to 306,00.
  • Out of these numbers, it’s estimated that about 10,000 are children and 6,000 are women.

It has become increasingly clear that even though all of this is truly horrific… nobody really seems to be that interested.

What is it going to take for us to care about what is happening to the Syrian people?

Should we care that this 4-year old Syrian girl, who was born into this war, is so used to guns, that when a journalist pointed a camera at her, she automatically put up her hands in surrender?


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