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Islamist groups now have fighters from over half of the world’s countries

A new report shows that more than 25,000 so-called foreign fighters are in place in conflicts in which Muslim terrorist groups are involved. These come from more than 100 countries, and are both an “immediate and a long-term threat”, reports The Guardian.

More than half the countries in the world thus experience that some of their citizens are attracted to the Islamic extremist fighters in groups like al-Qaida and IS (the so-called Islamic State) raging in Syria and Iraq, according to the UN.

The number of fighters has increased by more than 70 percent over the past few months, says the report. This shows that more and more people are attracted to extremism. The geographical spread has also increased.

The report shows that the spread of the Internet is one of the reasons for the increase, but not the whole reason. Social networking in conflict zones and also in western cities also plays a role.

– People who eat together and are social together can also fight and bomb together, according to the report.

The estimate of 25,000 foreign fighters are also probably low. The number is most likely a lot higher.


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