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Swedish politician: Let Somalis work as doctors, without a license

img5565bed66db62Does it sound like a good idea to let a, for the most part illiterate, immigrant group as Somalis, work as doctors in Sweden, without a medical exam to show? Yes, said the Green Party’s Patricio Ruiz Vergara.

Vergara, who was number four in the ballot in the general election in Östergötland, vice chairman of the Green Party in the region and spokesperson for Green Students, presented the proposal at a caucus of the Somali Association in Norrköping. He believes that Somalis who claim they have a medical degree without being able to prove it should be given a provisional permit and subsequently pass a test after one year, rather than as other citizens, to study to get a formal medical degree.

– One should be able to work for a year and then tested, Vergara suggested in an interview with Norrköpings Tidningar last year.

Abdulkadir Ahmed Muhamed is a member of Norrköping City Council for the Green Party. He says that the special provisional medical license for Somalis should not be sent through the mail, but given verbally. This is because Somalis often throw mail from the authorities in the trash.

– In Somalia we inform verbally, says Muhamed to the local newspaper.



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