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Teacher Expels Muslim Students for Cheating… But They Got Their Terrifying Revenge


Islam, the so-called “religion of peace,” is most harsh toward unbelievers, but make no mistake — they’ll terrorize fellow Muslims without hesitation, especially if a woman is involved.

After an unnamed female teacher at a respectable preparatory school in Cairo failed a group of male students on their final exam because she caught them cheating, they decided to exact revenge after school in a horrific way.

The teacher, who was unidentified in the report but is most likely a Muslim in a nation where 95 percent of the population follows Islam, stepped outside the school during the final examination for which she was forced to fail them. The gang quickly attacked her and, according to a local newspaper, attempted to gang rape her in broad daylight.

Witnesses reported that the large group of 20 radical Islamic teen boys beat her and ripped her clothes off before finally being chased away by a group of teachers and fellow students.

Given the shockingly quick turnaround time between the teacher failing the group of angry teens and the attempted rape, this story proves just how deeply ingrained and automatic it was for them to immediately deliver Shariah law-based consequences to the woman.

In addition to the group of would-be rapists, the ministry of education ruled to suspend the school’s manager and members of his staff for failing to properly report the incident or taking any disciplinary measures against the attacking students (H/T Mad World News).

According to Shariah law and Islamic tradition, women are to remain completely covered if they leave their husband’s home and never speak without permission. If they leave their home, they must always be escorted by a male relative to “ensure that their sexual purity is kept intact, regardless of age or marital status.”


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