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Arab Rioters Unveil New Weapon to Fight Security Forces

Security forces called upon to disperse Palestinian riots in the Binyamin region discover a weapon other than rocks and firebombs.

589532Snake   Israel Police

Security forces tasked with dispersing Palestinian Arab riots are used to being attacked with rocks and firebombs, but on Friday they were surprised by a new weapon used by the rioters.

Palestinian Arabs on Friday afternoon began violently rioting in the village of Silwad, not far from Ofra, in the Binyamin area.

Border Policemen and IDF soldiers from the Netzach Yehuda Battalion who began to move toward a concrete shelter meant to protect the fighters as they disperse riots, were surprised to discover right above their heads a viper snake which had been placed there by the rioters in an attempt to harm the security forces.

Company Commander Aaron Moyal commented following the incident, “We have witnessed various attempts to harm security forces, but in this case as well the forces’ vigilance prevented harm.”



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