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Navy SEALS Refuse to Obey Order from George W. Bush, His Response is Moving


Say what you will about former President George W. Bush, but the dude always had a profoundly deep respect for our military, which is one of the reasons conservatives still love him to this day.

Bush’s former press secretary and current Fox News host Dana Perino recently wrote a book called, “And the Good News is…” where she shares a story about a group of Navy SEALs who disobeyed an order from the Commander-in-Chief, and the reason why left a tear in his eye.

According to Perino, Bush was nearing the end of his second term and was scheduled to deliver a speech to a group of SEALs in an airplane hangar.

In her account, Perino said Bush highly respected the SEALs due to the battles they had been in as a unit and how they had delivered every time the president sent them out on a mission.

The SEALs gathered together in the hangar were listening to Vice President Cheney deliver a speech when he then surprised the soldiers with an announcement that President Bush was there to see them.

As soon as Bush took the stage, the battle hardened SEALs “hooted and hollered with patriotism and appreciation.”

The president’s speech was a powerful one that acknowledged the service the SEALs had rendered to their country since the 9/11 attacks, and while this was moving, what happened next is what REALLY made Bush misty-eyed.

From Conservative Tribune:

Perino said that when Bush closed his speech with his iconic, “May God bless you and may God continue to bless America,” the SEALs erupted in massive sustained cheers of praise for Bush.

And they didn’t stop.

Even after Bush ordered them to stop cheering, they continued to cheer for their leader and friend.

Perino went on to say that even though her eyes were a bit foggy from her tears, she could see the president was shedding a few of his own.

President Bush was a class act who loved our men and women in the military, and they loved and respected him.

It’s critical for whoever leads our nation to respect those who give so much of themselves to protect our freedom and way of life, which is something Obama has failed at. Massively.

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