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Nationwide ‘Turning Point 8′ Exercise: Israel Preparing for War

Are the war drums beating in Israel again? According to some without a doubt. Recently the IDF Homefront Commander said that in the next war with Hamas, Israelis can expect 1,500 missiles into Israel daily, and this time, the entire country will be the homefront. It is no secret that Hamas fires missiles towards the sea on an almost daily basis and tunnel construction continues as the Hamas regime in Gaza remains committed to the destruction of the State of Israel.

Once again Israeli forces and volunteer agencies are preparing for war as “Turning Point 8” begins on Sunday, 13 Sivan 5775. This nationwide weeklong exercise assesses our level of preparedness for the worst chas v’sholom. The nationwide event is not in response to current events, but a planned event for a training exercise of this magnitude is not set up in a matter of days or weeks, but months of planning.

The weeklong drill involves the IDF of course in addition to emergency services, local government, security agencies, the nation’s school system and more. Among the simulated scenarios will be cyber-attacks and massive missile attacks.

Regarding the IDF the drill involves many branches of the military including infantry, air force and the navy.

On Tuesday, 15 Sivan, sirens will be sounded at 11:05 and at 19:05, after the hourly news broadcasts. SMS reminders will be sent to many phones. The sirens will be heard nationwide with the exception of Gaza border communities. People will be expected to head to the shelters and safe rooms while determining the quality of the sirens around the country.
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