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Norwegian celebrity: – Muslims are an environmental pollution in Europe


– Muslims are an environmental pollution in Europe. They pollute the same way as we did when we Norwegians immigrated to the United States and stole Native American land, says Hans Rotmo in an interview with Trønder-Avisa’s weekend magazine.

Hans Rotmo is a Norwegian singer and songwriter, known by most Norwegians as the leading figure of 1970s folk-rock band Vømmøl Spellmannslag.

In the interview, which comes as the Vømmøl festival is being held in Verdal, Rotmo says that he is not afraid that his views on Muslim immigration will reflect on his musical heritage.

Rotmo has several times in recent years given statements or made musical lyrics with an immigration critical content that has angered many.

In 2014 he released the album “Eurotrua”, where the song «Svarte telt» (Black tents) among other things contained the line «Asylsøkeran kryr som lopp og lus og bur i forsamlingshus» (Asylum seekers are swarming like fleas and lice and lives in assembly halls).

The song made Rune Berglund Steen at the Center against Racism (ARS) to accuse Rotmo of racism, and it made cultural figures to distance themselves from Rotmo, but still he received support from colleagues and on Internet.

Rotmo has characterized his attitude as common sense.

In the new interview with Trønder-Avisa Rotmo gives the impression that he has no intention of giving up.

– Now it’s no longer just the Dutch and French cities that have Muslim ghettos. Also Oslo is now a segregated city, says Rotmo, who believe that it is about to develop two parallel societies in Europe.


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