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An Ice Cube On This Special Spot On Your Neck Can Change Your Life. Seriously!

WOW! Here’s some news we all can use! We’re not saying you should do this handy trick instead of going to see the doctor. But, we like to keep an open mind to new and different perspectives to solve old problems….especially when they’re free! So grab an ice cube…and keep reading.

Did you know that you can also heal yourself and promote better personal health with the aid of one ice cube? Using a Chinese method called Feng Fu, you can place an ice cube on the back of your neck in-between the two tendons where your head and neck merge. It is best to lie on your stomach and place the ice cube in that position for around 20-30 minutes. If you find that you don’t have the time to lie around for that long, you can also secure it there with a scarf or something and continue on with your daily activities.

The results are pretty amazing! You will find that you become more rejuvenated after doing this. The application of this procedure will provide a better sleep. It will help you increase overall vitality and mood, strengthens the immune system, works wonderfully against colds, normalizes the digestive system’s work, and removes headaches, toothaches, and joint pains.

This method also helps when it comes to dealing with the following diseases and health conditions:

– Cardiovascular system related diseases

– Neurological diseases with degenerative changes in the spine

– Respiratory diseases

– Arthritis, hypertension and hypotension

– Cellulite

– Acute, gastrointestinal and sexual transmitted diseases


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