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Fifa corruption: ‘Morocco won 2010 World Cup vote – not South Africa’ – as it happened

Follow full coverage of the latest allegations surrounding football’s governing body Fifa as the situation develops throughout the day.
Eye of the storm: Sepp Blatter has resigned as Fifa president Photo: REUTERS

We’re going to wrap this blog up here. Thanks for reading and for your contributions. Here’s a full round-up of today’s events.

  • It has today emerged that shamed ex FIFA ExCo member Jack Warner allegedly double crossed the corrupt Moroccan 2010 World Cup bid team. Warner reportedly received a bribe of $1 million to back the Moroccan bid, only to take the money before accepting a higher bribe from the South African campaign.
  • Those involved in Egypt’s doomed campaign to host the 2010 World Cup however claim that Warner was in fact attempting to triple cross all three of the countries who were competing to host the World Cup. A former Egyptian government minister claims that Warner was touting seven World Cup selection votes for the price of $7 million, $1 million each. The Egyptian World Cup bid did not receive a single vote during the final vote.
  • It has also been claimed that Morocco, in fact, won more votes than South Africa, who went on to host the 2010 competition, but FIFA manipulated the results of the secret ballot. Ismail Bhamjee, a Fifa executive committee member, was secretly taped whilst claiming the process was corrupt.
  • A newspaper in South Africa claims it has a 2007 email that shows Fifa president Sepp Blatter and then-South African President Thabo Mbeki held “discussions” over the alleged payment of $10 million from FIFA into the bank account of Warner.
  • For the first time, a FIFA administrator has admitted that both Russia and Qatar could be stripped of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, respectively, if allegations of bribery and corruption are proven true. However, Domenico Scala made clear that this evidence has not yet materialised.
  • And Phaedra Almajid, the Qatar 2022 whistleblower, has reaffirmed her belief that the World Cup will eventually be taken from the nation.


Phaedra Almajid, the Qatar 2022 whistleblower who now lives in fear for her life, has today said that she believes Qatar will be stripped of the World Cup, echoing the earlier sentiments of Domenico Scala (16.40).

qatar_3332978bAlmajid previously worked as a senior media officer for the Qatar bid team, before blowing the whistle on allegations of corruption and bribery in 2010, has this weekend claimed that the evidence against the 2022 host nation is now simply too strong.

Quote There are people who are p***** off with me for speaking out, and what really p***** them off is that I’m a female, Muslim whistleblower. But the FBI have everything.

The Qataris don’t care about human rights. There are human rights violations being made across Qatari society and they make promises to fix them – and they break every promise. They have said there will be justice for the family of the triplets who died in that fire and there has been none. Instead the man responsible is an ambassador. The Qataris promise they will fix the human rights abuses around the labour being used to prepare for the World Cup. They haven’t and I don’t believe they will.

The Qataris don’t keep their promises. They won’t keep promises on human rights. I lived there and worked there for seven years and I know that the royal family there hate one thing more than anything – being publicly shamed. They should be shamed for the treatment of the Weekes family. As for FIFA, they talk of reform but the biggest reform they should make in the process around the World Cup is to introduce a human rights pillar. The World Cup should not be awarded to countries that don’t respect human rights

I just don’t think Blatter actually intends to quit. Everything he does is very calculated. He’ll try very hard to save himself, I’m sure of it.


For the first time, an official from FIFA has suggested that Russia and Qatar could lose the 2018 and 2022 World Cups if it is proven that bribes and kickbacks helped them to secure the hosting rights.

The head of FIFA’s auditing and compliance committee, and the man Sepp Blatter has promised to work closely with in the coming months, Domenico Scala told the Swiss newspaper Sonntagszeitung Weekly that there is a possibility the tournaments could be stripped from the two countries.

Quote If evidence exists that Qatar and Russia received the (World Cup) awards only thanks to bribes, then the awards could be annulled. However, this evidence has not been provided so far.

His comments are significant as, before today, no FIFA official had been prepared to admit that this was ever a possibility.


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