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Obama Crony Booed by Pro-Israel Audience at New York Security Conference

jacklew1-450x250The Jerusalem Post held its annual Security Conference in New York today.

Obama sent Jack Lew, his Treasury Secretary over to throw out the usual spin on Iran which consisted of largely denying reality and claiming that black is white.

But when Lew took the stage at the Marriott Marquis, he quickly found that this was no Adas Yisrael of tame lefties eager to cheer on the lies. Instead the audience loudly and enthusiastically booed the Treasury Secretary as he tried to reassure them that there was nothing to worry about with Iran and that Obama loves Israel.

Scowling nervously through his thick coke bottle glasses, Lew desperately flailed through an unpopular speech.

“No administration has done more for Israel’s security than this one,” Lew said, but the audience was having none of it.

“We are not operating on an assumption that Iran will act in good faith,” Lew said, but his listeners responded with catcalls and cries of “nonsense.”

Lew tried to deflect his audience’s displeasure by saying that he and the administration share the audience’s concern for Israel’s security. “I can hear it in this room,” he said. He was also intermittently applauded when he said, “We must never allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon.”

Lew got his loudest cheers when he said: “As everyone here knows, Prime Minister Netanyahu does not believe Iran can be trusted.”

When your biggest applause line comes from Netanyahu, the guy your administration has been trying to destroy, you know your speech is going badly.

Lew’s message on a budding nuclear deal with Iran was especially detailed, tailored for a crowd particularly concerned with its tenets. Sanctions will be reimposed automatically if Iran cheats, he asserted, despite acknowledging that the precise measure for snapping back sanctions has not yet been settled.

And pushing back against Iran’s condition against international inspections at its military sites, Lew said that a deal must include “robust monitoring and inspection anywhere and everywhere the IAEA has reason to go.”

In fact all of this is lies and nonsense. Iran has already made it clear that neither one is going to happen.


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