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Obama Made Secret Boston Visit As Kerry Reported At “Deaths Door”

The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is reporting today that President Barack Obama made a highly secret nighttime visit to Boston on Tuesday (2 June) where he met with US Air Force surgeons and medical personal fighting to save the life of US Secretary of State John Kerry who was gravely wounded this past Sunday (31 May) during a gun battle with what has been described as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) assassins.

The SVR had previously reported (1 June) [read full report HERE] that Secretary Kerry suffered “one or more” gunshot wounds during a gun battle at a French military base in the Moselle department (France) where he was meeting with the US State Department’s top ISIS commander Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov in a strategy session ahead of the 2 June Paris summit intended to develop a plan in dealing with this terrorist organization.

In this new report the SVR states that immediately after Secretary Kerry was “violently wounded” in this gun battle, he was transported by a French military medical helicopter to Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) where he was stabilized.

Due to his age (71) and the extreme blood loss he suffered as a result of his wounds, this report continues, US military medical authorities authorized Secretary Kerry’s immediate evacuation to America and dispatched a massive Boeing C-17 Globemaster belonging to the US Air Force’s 86th Aerospace Medicine Squadron, located at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany, to fly to Geneva.

Upon landing the C-17 medical flight landing in Geneva, this report says, Secretary Kerry was then flown by a Swiss medical helicopter from HUG and was immediately put into the care of US Air Force surgeons and medical personal attempting to keep him alive.

The reason(s) behind Secretary Kerry needing such a massive US military medical response and evacuation, this report explains, is due to the 86th Aerospace Medicine Squadron being the “best in the world” when it comes to treating traumatic battle related injuries, and with this massive C-17 “airborne hospital” being fully equipped with both medical personal and equipment, he could have not have been in better hands.

To how grave Secretary Kerry’s condition was, this report notes, was confirmed by subsequent SVR “interviews” with Swiss medical authorities who first treated him confirming that he was at “deaths door” upon his first arrival at HUG.

Secretary Kerry’s grave condition was further evidenced, this report continues, by President Obama’s secret flight to Boston from Washington D.C. to meet with the medical personal aboard the C-17 when it landed.

Confirmation of President Obama’s secret flight to Boston to meet Secretary Kerry’s C-17 medical flight, this report notes, was verified by SVR signals intelligence sources that showed a Boeing C-40 Clipper aircraft belonging to the 89th Airlift Wing (89 AW) of the US Air Force, based atJoint Base Andrews outside of Washington D.C., left with the American leader on board and landed in Boston just minutes ahead of Kerry’s flight.


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