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Supreme Court Says Drunk Driving Muslim Can’t Be Deported


Islam may reject the laws of the infidels, which are not based on those of a holy 7th century warlord who occasionally claimed to be possessed by the devil, but recently it’s been a good time at the Supreme Court for Muslims.

First there was the entitlement to Muslims working at Abercrombie and Fitch. And then the Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision ruled for Moones Mellouli, a Tunisian drunk driver who had been busted in Kansas. In addition to his drunk driving, he had hidden some Adderall in his sock, which is not the place that normal people keep prescription meds.

But Justice Ginsburg ruled that he couldn’t be deported because drugs are no big deal.

Writing on behalf of the court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said concealment of drugs in a sock was a “low-level infraction” not even criminalized in some states.

To be deported for a drug offense, an immigrant has to be convicted of a crime that has a direct link to a drug covered by federal drug laws. In Mellouli’s case, no such connection was made, Ginsburg said.

After all it’s a drug that they abuse too.

“He had four pills of Adderall, which if you go to half the colleges in America people, you know, and just randomly pick somebody, there would be a decent chance,” Justice Elena Kagan said to laughter in the courtroom.

So can we deport Kagan too?

In dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote he sees “nothing absurd about removing individuals who are unwilling to respect the drug laws” where they live.



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