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Terrifying News on Iran’s Nuclear Stockpile Humiliates Obama… Threatens to Destroy Nuclear Deal

The road to a nuclear deal between Western negotiators and Iran just became rockier after new revelations concerning Iran’s nuclear fuel stockpile were released by inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

With less than a month left before the June 30 deadline for Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama to seal a deal with Iran concerning its nuclear capabilities, it turns out that during the past 18 months of negotiations, Iran’s nuclear fuel stockpile has increased by a whopping 20 percent.

Though the Obama administration assured Americans that Iran had “frozen” efforts to increase anything in their nuclear arsenal during the negotiations, according to the IAEA, the agency tasked by the United Nations to inspect nuclear sites around the world, either Obama knew about the country’s activities and has been lying or Iran fooled his administration once again.

It seems as though Western officials can’t determine how their stockpile increased so dramatically. Some argued it was the result of some sort of technical failure while others theorized it was a deliberate attempt to increase supply just in case negotiations with the Western powers involved failed.

Somehow, Obama and Kerry will have to convince Congress and the American people that Iran is willing to back down their stockpile by 96 percent with only a few months to do it, should a nuclear deal be signed.

With news breaking about their increased stockpiles, to say that’s going to be a hard sell to Congress and America is a massive understatement.


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