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After Famous Actor John Cleese Said This about Islam, Muslims Are FURIOUS! (VIDEO)

English writer G.K. Chesterton once said, “It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.” And as John Cleese, famous for his part in Monty Python and many comedic roles, is about to find out, Chesterson is right!

For something completely different, watch (above) as Cleese discusses political correctness with Bill Maher. When Maher noted that Islam is a religion that you can’t joke about in public, John Cleese replied that you CAN but:

It just means that they’ll kill you. Theoretically you could.


The problem is if you make jokes about people who are going to kill you, there is a sort of tendency to hold back a little, isn’t there?

Because radical Islam is not compatible with free, Western societies, the followers of that faith take joking very seriously. Their prophet can’t be depicted in cartoons and liberals who applaud Christian-bashing “art” are never brave enough to mock Islam.


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