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New Study Says Israelis Could Make $173 Billion by Handing Over Country to Terrorists

clintonsvisitarafat1I have a new study that says RAND could save big money by leasing its Santa Monica headquarters to ISIS. My study is loosely based on RAND’s new study that says creating an even bigger state would be hugely profitable for Israel.

What could a new Palestinian state be worth in dollars? Answer: $173 billion over 10 years.

I believe that. The last war alone cost Israel $2.5 billion. Just imagine having that same war every week once Hamas controls both Gaza and the West Bank.

We could hit that $173 billion in under 2 years.

Rand concludes that a two-state solution, with a sovereign state of Palestine as a demilitarized next-door neighbor to Israel, based on previous U.S. proposals about following 1967 armistice lines with land-swapping to include most of the Jewish settlements, is the best financial option for both economies.

One minor problem.

The PLO doesn’t want this deal or any deal. It refuses to be demilitarized. And it can’t function independently of either US money or Israeli infrastructure. Nor does it want to.

And there’s the whole minor subclause about refusing to stop its war on the Jews.

In the decade after such a deal, Rand says, the Israeli economy would gain about three times as much as the Palestinians’ in GDP — $123 billion vs. $50 billion.

Over a decade, the average Israeli would see his or her income rise by $2,200, and a Palestinian would see a $1,000 bump, based on projections of present trends.

A two-state solution, Rand says, would benefit Israel with increased direct investment and a tripling of trading opportunities in the Arab world. Israel would suffer the loss of relocating about 100,000 Jewish settlers from the West Bank — a cost that Rand assumes would be paid in part by the international community in any peace deal.

I’m sorry, your plan is to make 1.5% of Israel’s population homeless and probably jobless while promising that incomes would rise?

Plenty of Jewish families ethnically cleansed from Gaza still don’t have jobs or homes. Now multiply that many times over in a country that is still basically poor in many ways.

And no the “international community” won’t pay the cost and whatever money comes in, won’t go to the people who lost their homes and jobs. They’ll go to the left-wing political and non-profit infrastructure that violently loathes them.


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