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The moment Muslims start a mass punch-up in a Russian mosque which ‘could have ended in a massacre’

  • Huge brawl broke out after Iman announced he wouldn’t lead a prayer
  • Police had to be called to break up the fight between Sufis and Salafies 
  • Incredible footage shows one worshiper throwing himself into the fight 

A mass brawl broke out between Muslims at a mosque in Russia, which officials said could have ended in a massacre.

The extraordinary scenes in the mosque in Nazran, a city in south-western Russia close to its border with Georgia, were filmed by a bystander – who also captured one brazen worshipper flinging himself into the fight from above.

The clip shows two different branches of the Islamic faith –  Sufis and Salafies – coming to blows when the mosque’s religious leader Issa Khamkhoev suggested not conducting the Mohammedan prayer because it is not considered as obligatory.

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29748A6900000578-3115774-image-a-1_1433787999144Amid the mass brawl in a mosque in Nazran, one man flings himself into the tussle (circled). Police had to be called to break up the fight, which started when the Imam said he wouldn’t read a particular prayer

The proposal enraged supporters of another imam, Khamzat Chumakov, prompting members of both sides to surge forward and start a huge fight.

The footage, filmed from a balcony above the melee, opens with the announcement by Khamkhoev that prayers would not be held, to crowds of Muslims who have gathered to listen.

After the speech ends, one worshipper rises at the front of the crowd, where he had been kneeling, and approaches him..

As one of the men goes to grab him, his action sparks an furious outburst from the crowd who rush forward in anger.

The astonishing video shows as the men continue to jostle and push each other, one man walks up a flight of stairs to throw himself into the punch-up from above.




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