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This Bartender in Belarus is Serving ‘Holocaust’ Cocktails

Owner of popular bar fires bartender after inappropriately-named drink leads to widespread criticism
A popular bar in the city of Gomel in Belarus added an alcoholic cocktail with an unusual name to its menu – “Holocaust.” In India, ice cream cones bearing the name and image of Adolf Hitler went on sale.

The Red Pub’s new cocktail consisted of several liquors and watermelon syrup and cost $8.

The inappropriate choice of name caused uproar in the European country, leading the owner of the bar to fire the bartender responsible for the new cocktail, and removing the drink from the menu.

“I was shocked, how can someone think of a name like this?” one of the patrons at the bar said.

“Most of the Jews of Belarus were murdered in the Holocaust and those who make jokes about it, their pub need to be closed,” said Alex Tenzer, an expert on Russia media whose family members survived the Holocaust.

There are currently some 2,000 Jews living in Gomel. Before World War II, there were some 41,000 Jews, who made up 30 percent of the local population. During the war, the Nazis built four ghettos in the area and tens of thousands of Jews were murdered there.


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