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Egypt Getting Back Together w/Hamas

The rule of thumb is that nothing in the Middle East changes very much or for very long. It may not be the most optimistic thumb out there, but it does hold up far more often than not.

And so despite the expectations, Egypt is getting back together with Hamas.

Egyptian intel officials have met with Hamas officials and an Egyptian court struck down Hamas’ terror designation. The Egyptian judiciary is a complicated maze and many of its reported decisions may or may not mean anything, and no doubt there was urging from D.C. to have Egypt serve to relay messages to Hamas, but suffice it to say that the trend appears to be leaning toward rapprochement.

Hamas may be part of the Muslim Brotherhood network and may have even played a role in the temporary Brotherhood takeover of Egypt, but relations are resetting back to where they were.

Which means that anyone expecting Al-Sisi’s Egypt to be something fundamentally different is going to be disappointed.

Al-Sisi may be preferable to Morsi, but it’s best not to harbor too many illusions about Muslim leaders and the moderate fallacy.


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