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Lebanon Gets More US Arms – Or Is It Hezbollah?

Lebanon last week received a shipment of U.S. arms worth $146 million, the third time this year it has received American arms.
Lebanon last week received a shipment of U.S. arms worth $146 million. The arms consisted of AGM-114 Hellfire II missiles, the third major arms shipment the country has received this year.

Sources in Lebanon said that the weapons would be used to battle Islamic State and Islamist groups in Syria that have been conducting skirmishes along the border. Among the targets of the Lebanese Army is the town of Arsal in the country’s northeast, which Islamic militants have been jousting for control of in recent months.

However, many in Israel have expressed fear that those weapons could end up in the hands of arch-terror group Hezbollah.

In February, the U.S. sent to Lebanon over 70 M198 Howitzers, as well as tens of millions of rounds of ammunition. Before that, Beirut received over 50 Humvees. Over the past decade, officials said, the U.S. has donated over a billion dollars in aid to the Lebanese army, although until this year most of that was for non-lethal materials.

Many, however, fear that the new weapons could end up in the hands of Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, which works closely with the Lebanese army to combat Sunni Islamists who have taken over large parts of Syria.


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