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Report: Palestinian Schools Teach Students That Palestine Will Replace Israel


Palestinian schoolchildren are taught that all of Israel is “occupied” and that a future state of Palestine will replace Israel, according to a report published today by the NGO Palestinian Media Watch.

Palestinian school children are indoctrinated with the message that there is no Israel but only “Palestine.” Young boys at the Al-Karameh First Elementary School for Boys in Jenin are met with this wall painting of a map labeled “Palestine” that includes the PA areas and all of Israel. The Palestinian flag is flying from the center of the map, symbolizing future political sovereignty over what is now Israel. Next to the map is written: “On this land is something worth living for”…. The Al-Karameh School in Jenin is under the PA Ministry of Education.

In a similar vein, citing the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), The Times of Israel reported Monday that kindergarten boys dressed in fatigues took part in a mock military exercise as part of their graduation ceremony in a West Bank city.

Children in a kindergarten run by a Palestinian charitable organization recently held a graduation ceremony in which preschoolers wore military uniforms and brandished toy machine guns as they performed a parade routine to a song vowing violence against enemies, a media watchdog group said. …

The ceremony was filmed by a television station affiliated with the Palestinian Authority and posted on the internet last week, according to the US-based group MEMRI, which translated and posted the clip on Monday.

The kindergarten is in Anabta, in the Tulkarm area of the West Bank, and belongs to the Anabta women’s charity association, MEMRI reported.

MEMRI posted on its website a translation of the song that was played during the exercise.

On the mountains, behind the hills, within the valleys – you will be defeated, you will be defeated. Whether you come by land, by sea, or by air – you will be crushed, you will be crushed. If you stretch your hand, it will be chopped off. If you just look with your eye, it will be gouged out.


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