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COVER BLOWN: Muslim Terrorist Official Makes HUGE Announcement About the Democratic Party

Most political parties try to rack up as many endorsements as they can. This one, however, I think the Democratic Party could have done without.

In an interview on talk radio, Hamas leader Salah Bardawil said that the terrorist organization prefers Democrats, saying that the Democratic Party “is less worse” for the Palestinian-based organization.

The interview took place on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, where the eponymous host asked Bardawil’s opinion on the 2016 election.

“Obviously the president of the United States sets the foreign policy for the Middle East,” Klein said, “so it’s very important for what’s going on in Israel, in the Palestinian arena, in the Gaza strip, and beyond.

“Coming toward the 2016 election, obviously we have no idea right now who the candidates are going to be at the end … is there any candidate or party that Hamas has an interest in, that Hamas thinks will change things for the better in the Middle East?”

While Bardawil didn’t quite come out and say, “Sanders 2016! Bernie all the way!” his answer was illuminating.

Through a translator, Bardawil answered, “When it comes to Israel, there is no serious difference between both parties in the United States – they are all pro-Israel and adopt the Israeli policy against the Palestinians.

“But it is true, and we saw it in the last year when there were some wars were [sic] launched against the Arab countries, it was led by a Republican president.”

“When it comes to make the decision between who is bad and who is worse,” he continued, “there is no doubt that the Democrat candidate is less worse for us than the Republican [emphasis added].

“But we are suffering from the fact that both parties are adopting the Israeli policy, and we are suffering from this strategy of both parties to adopt the Israeli policy.” (H/T WND)

The Democrats: proud preference of both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas!

I’m not quite sure why Bardawil isn’t 100 percent behind the Democrats.


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