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Hungary goes to war against mass immigration

Hungary’s government has mounted large billboards with warnings to immigrants. Far left in Hungary are furious about the campaign and say they will tear them down.

Six left-wing extremists were arrested in the weekend for performing vandalism on the posters.

The advertising billboards that was recently mounted in the capital Budapest, are containing messages such as “if you come to Hungary, you can not take Hungarians’ jobs” and “if you come to Hungary, you are going to respect our culture.”

On Monday the leader of a small opposition party admitted that he had vandalized the state-funded posters.

– We’re not going to stop getting these posters to disappear, says Viktor Szigetvari of the liberal opposition party ‘Together’ (Egyutt). Six of the party’s members were Sunday arrested for vandalism carried out on the billboards. They have since been released.

The posters are part of a bigger campaign by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán towards immigration. During the weekend one of his fellow party members suggested to shut the country’s southern border to stop the immigration flow.

In 2014 Hungary received more refugees per capita than any other EU country, except Sweden. The number of asylum seekers was 43,000, compared with just 2,000 in 2012.

Now they have had enough and want it to stop.


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