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Northern Command Chief: We must prepare for war in the north

At a ceremony for those who fell during the Second Lebanon War, Aviv Kochavi warns that Shiite terrorism and global jihad is spreading, could lead to war breaking out.

GOC Northern Command, Aviv Kochavi stated on Tuesday, during a ceremony for those killed in the Second Lebanon War, that the calm in the north and the Golan could change in an instant and that Israel must prepare for war on both fronts.

Kochavi added that the prevailing calm in the north since the end of the war in 2006 is due to the fact that the enemy was soundly defeated and has understood that Israel will not hesitate to go to war to protect its citizens.
61010380100185640360noGOC Northern Command Aviv Kochavi (Photo: IDF spokesman)

“The Northern theater is undergoing a radical change, and the emerging trends involve negative developments,” said Kochavi. “Alongside Shiite extremism, the global jihad is spreading in the Syrian arena and the global jihad is spreading in the Golan Heights. This is infusing the Middle East with religious wars.”

Kochavi continued to stress the growing threat from Syria, saying, “The Syrian border has become the scene of terrorist activity against the state of Israel, the strengthening of the enemy with missiles and rockets continues, and Iran, which is increasing its presence in the region, is equipping our enemies and is directing them to attack us.

“We should not draw conclusions from a temporary period in which states and terrorist organizations are busy with one another, and one shouldn’t devise a strategy or plan the building of military force in light of the present deceptive, transient and unstable situation.

“The situation can change abruptly,” the general warned. “We must prepare our forces for war, both on the Lebanese front and on the eastern front, and we will establish against them a sharp and decisive response, whose results will be clear and unequivocal.”

Hundreds of bereaved families of those killed in the Second Lebanon War came Tuesday afternoon, to the monument to their sons on Mount Adir, overlooking the battle sites in southern Lebanon.


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