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In the heart of England: Shock pics that prove UK’s migrant invasion is OUT OF CONTROL

THE astonishing scale of Britain’s immigration crisis was laid bare by dramatic photos of ­a gang of illegals cutting their way out of a lorry on a road in the heart of the English countryside.
Lorry-migrants-583611Illegal immigrants cut their way out of the back of a lorry and flee into the woods

Disturbing images shot by stunned motorists show eight men, some armed with knives, clambering through two holes cut in the canvas and drop on to the tarmac.

The gang then sprint away from the Romanian-registered lorry and disappear into nearby woods.

Officers aided by a police helicopter rounded up all of the suspects who are now in the hands of immigration enforcement officials.

The Romanian truck driver was arrested on suspicion of immigration offences.

News of the unwanted arrivals in the picturesque Cotswolds comes as border guards in Calais are being overwhelmed by the daily flood of migrants trying to stow away on ­lorries heading across the Channel.

On Saturday the revealed how estimates of illegal immigration have doubled over the past year.

The knock-on effect of the tens of thousands of Africans, Arabs and Asians arriving in Europe means stowaways are believed to be slipping into the UK unnoticed at a rate of 350 a week, up from 150 last year.
Lorry-holt-301836A hole in the back of the lorry gets bigger as more immigrants start pouring out of the vehicle

Smiling-301838An immigrant manages to crack a smile as he leaps out the back of the lorry

“If we can see them jumping out of lorries in the Cotswolds, they are going to be doing the same in every other area of the country.

The chaos in Calais and the thousands of ­people waiting there to come here shows just how big the problem is. The Government has to get a grip.”

Tory MP, Philip Hollobone said: “What the public will find alarming is that these illegals are not being picked up at our ports.

“We need ­further controls and more lorries searched. The Home Office has some successes but these photographs show we need more searches at the points of entry to the UK.”

Police-reinforcements-arrive-301842More police officers arrived at the scene to try and round up fleeing immigrants

Referring to the incident where 68 illegal immigrants were discovered in four Polish lorries arriving at ­Harwich from Holland last week, he added: “We must increase controls at ports all over Europe and search lorries before they get on to ferries.”


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