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Definitely the Best Zionist Conspiracy Ever

Zionist sharks move aside. A British Islamist has unearthed a sinister Mossad conspiracy that will make your spine tingle.
By Ari Soffer
346384From Zionist sharks to Mossad vultures; for anti-Zionists, where Israel is concerned conspiracy theories are always in-vogue – no matter how outlandish or just plain nuts they sound.

Vying for this year’s best Israel-related conspiracy theory is an Islamist activist in the UK, who claims he has been the victim of the most dastardly of Zionist deeds.

According to Asghar Bukhari, founder of the extremist Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC), Zionists broke into his house last night and stole… his shoe.

No kidding.ResizerZionists stole my shoe Screenshot/Facebook

For good measure, he included an illustration:

ResizerReally… they did! Screenshot/Facebook

Arutz Sheva could not independently confirm whether the picture above is a stock image, or if Asghar Bukhari simply needs a good bath.

Meanwhile, shoe-snatching Zionist Twitter users have been rubbing salt into Bukhari’s wounds, by cruelly reacting to his “expose” with ridicule. They even started a hashtag: #MossadStoleMyShoe



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