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How Hamas lured 4 Gaza kids to their deaths on a Beach last year as IDF is cleared of any wrong doings in the incident

0716-for-web-gazabombmap-600Location of the incident on a Gaza Beach and the nearby Deira Hotel in Gaza

on 12th June 2015 an Israeli military magistrate ruled that the last year killing of 4 boys on a Gaza beach by IDF was not a crime. It was a case of mistaken identity and the case has been closed for further inquiry. This news as usual was blown out of proportions by the world media. All major channels carried the news with a hint of sarcasm that showed that Israel is the criminal and itself judging and clearing itself. When in reality the truth is so dark that it is almost impossible to fathom. When ever you do accident investigation all you have to do is follow the chain of events one after another which all combine to convert into an accident. I researched a lot for this article and studied almost all articles related to the incident especially news papers from 16th July 2014 when the said incident happened on a Gaza beach.

All you have to do is connect the dots from all these articles which were published on the day of the incident. And i will prove how HAMAS lured the 4 boys which belonged to a family of their political opponents to their deaths and to use this as a propaganda tool. Some of the news papers did publish the families political alliances and their thoughts of Hamas in the aftermath of the incident but the world seems to have forgotten them.

Hamas is known to fire rockets from civilian areas so that Israel may not retaliate back as it would cause severe civilian casualties. In the days leading up to the incident Hamas had fired several rockets into Israel from nearby the beaches and the Hotels where foreign journalists were staying. It was easy to fire rockets from the beach and then scatter , and also Israel would never attack a hotel filled with foreign journalists. Recently that part of the beach where many fishermen huts were present which provided perfect cover for the Hamas fighters was closed off to the general public by Hamas. The whole beach was giving a deserted look. New York Times reporter Tyler hicks even tweeted after the incident that the whole beach was deserted except for those four boys. So what happened?

Hamas had cordoned off the beach for civilians as it was using the area for rocket attacks and planning a small boat Naval assault into Israel(recently Israel captured many Naval and deep sea scuba diving equipment being smuggled into Gaza) . The day before that Israel dropped leaflet into the area asking the residents to vacate the area for their safety. That day on 16th July 2014 the four boys who belonged to a local fisherman family The Bakr Family, (they were all cousins) went to the beach to play football. Their father stopped them asking them to stay indoors but kids are kids and they went out to play. The question arises how did they manage to reach the beach which was closed by Hamas fighters. The truth is that the family was very well known to Hamas. The family had always been a very Pro Fatah (Anti Hamas) in their views. They had always voted for Fatah and were vocal critics of Hamas. It is clear that the Hamas guards intentionally let them in. Again the New York times wrote that the whole beach was deserted except those 4 kids who were let in to that volatile place.

Mean while Israeli intelligence was monitoring the area (which HAMAS knew fully well and had left the area) Israeli Navy fired a missile into a nearby empty fishermen quarter which had been a hot spot for terrorist activity before. The shack was blown away and then the kids started running away and in the ensuing misunderstanding another Missile was launched which killed them. Israeli Naval intelligence knew that the beach was closed to the public by Hamas and thought that the running kids were Hamas operatives. This was indeed a sad event and Israel immediately called for a 5 hour cease fire to let more supplies in and launched an official impartial inquiry to the incident. The inquiry reveled the same thing that it was a human error but again a deceit by Hamas.


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