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I Used To Serve Chips In A Bowl, But After Watching This- Never Again

If you are a GET BEST OUT OF WASTE fan, you know we love life hacks. We’re glad to share anything that makes your day a little easier, or saves you a little more time. This video by the group Hacking Life includes 10 easy tips you can start doing right now.

To be completely honest, opening a jar with a knife is a little too risky for my taste. I prefer to wrap the edge of a lid with a rubber band for better grip. It works just as well and isn’t so dangerous. However, I did love the tips on serving chips and popcorn. Generally, I only serve chips for more casual occasions like picnics or a gathering to watch a game. In either of those instances, no one would frown upon my serving chips in the bag, and it’d save me a dish to wash or transport.

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