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Israeli Construction Workers Make Big Discovery That Ties Ancient Church To Today

WCJ-images-Byzantine-church-in-Israel-913x512Image Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority

A highway crew unexpectedly came across…

It was a day like any other for the highway construction crew working to widen the busy road connecting Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Then, in the midst of moving dirt, the Israeli crew came across something that would become a moving symbol connecting the ancient church with modern times.

As TheBlaze reports, archaeologists believe that what these construction workers uncovered are the remains of a large Byzantine era church that “may have serviced the spiritual needs of travelers.”

“The Israel Antiquities Authority on Wednesday announced the discovery of the church whose northeast corner included a baptismal font in the shape of a four-leaf clover, symbolizing the cross,” TheBlaze noted.

Image Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority/Annette Nagar

In the 21st century, of course, highway travelers are used to seeing gas stations, fast food restaurants, and motels along their journey; but, as Annette Nagar, director of the excavation, noted of the fascinating find adjacent to Highway 1 west of Jerusalem, “Along this road, which was apparently already established in the Roman period, other settlements and road stations have previously been discovered that served those traveling the route in ancient times. Included in the services provided along the route were churches, such as the one recently uncovered at the entrance to Abu Gosh.”



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