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It’s like braving a WAR ZONE: British truckers demand France CONTROL Calais migrant crisis

FRANCE was today accused of failing to properly police Calais amid the worsening migrant crisis as British truckers claim they have to brave a daily “war zone” just to cross the Channel.
513Migrants in Calais often attempt to cross the channel in the back of lorries

An influential haulage group has made a plea to the port town’s mayor urging French authorities to do more to protect lorry drivers, who say they fear one of them is soon going to be killed.

However Natasha Bouchart has previously blamed Britain for Calais’ problems, saying the UK’s soft benefits system is what attracts thousand of migrants to France’s northern shores.

Large parts of Calais are often in the grip of violence and turf wars as gangs of migrants battle in the street over access to the best routes across the English Channel.

Lorry drivers at many European haulage companies are so terrified of passing through the notorious port that many are now refusing to run the route to Britain.
Lorry-migrants-302844The Freight Transport Association has demanded action be taken to crack down on the violence

Today the Freight Transport Association, which represents haulage companies across Europe, has demanded action be taken to crack down on the violence.

Deputy chief executive James Hookham said: “We are pressing for more visible commitment from the French government to criminal activities on French soil and their responsibilities for the protection of British drivers while in their jurisdiction.

“We are expecting further work with the Home Office and Border Agency on specific topics in the coming weeks. This is an issue that requires committed and proactive attention by Government, hauliers and their customers.”

Mr Hookham said he has met with Immigration Minister James Brokenshire to discuss the issue and is also looking for help from the European Commission.


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