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NAACP President Outed As White Woman

The Spokane, Washington head of the NAACP has apparently been faking her “blackness” for years. Below is a comparative photo of Rachel Dolezal before her alleged transformation. Rachel’s parents were the ones to finally come forward and claim their daughter was actually Caucasian via German ancestry.
Reports suggest relations between Rachel and her parents are strained. Ms. Dolezal refused comment beyond telling media she no longer speaks to her parents for “legal reasons.”
The details of Dolezal’s true racial background unfolded after she made claims to authorities that the Spokane NAACP office received a threatening, racially-charged letter. The investigation now appears to suggest someone from inside the NAACP office was actually responsible for the letter, possibly as some kind of publicity stunt.

This little story certainly qualifies for my ever-growing Morrison file:


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