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This Secret Mosquito Killing Trick Will Save Your Summer

Mosquitoes are the worst. Their bites can leave you itchy for weeks. But, lucky for us, there’s a new way to get rid of these pesky creatures.
by Jennifer Van Laar

This method for making a fool-proof mosquito trap is genius! Seriously, you have to try this. All you need is a knife, an empty soda bottle, a quarter cup of brown sugar, a cup of water, and a teaspoon of yeast.

This is so simple to make! You just cut the top third of the coke bottle off and combine your ingredients in the bottom two-thirds of the bottle. You trap the mosquitoes by taking the top of the bottle and simply inverting it. The mosquitoes won’t be able to resist the sugary-yeasty concoction and when when fly down the funnel, they’ll be trapped in the fluid below.

This ingenious design actually works! Enjoy your mosquito-less summer!


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