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VIDEO: Teen Goes Viral After Showing What Happens When You Follow Michelle Obama’s Advice

Michelle and Barack Obama have propogated some very questionable ideas since they stepped foot into the White House, some of which have had catastrophic results.

One teen, however, pushed back by releasing a video that put Michelle Obama’s latest idea to the test.

Michelle wreaked havoc on the school lunch program and then moved on to attack the American campfire favorite and summertime tradition: s’mores. If Michelle has her way there won’t be any more s’mores passed around the fire during family cookouts.

We’re not sure if this is news to you, but apparently the snack consisting of roasted marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers is not healthy. (I know; we were shocked, too.)

However, even though this isn’t news to most of us, Michelle has made it her quest to target and abolish the delicious treat.

On Michelle’s request, the Department of Agriculture tried to alter the dessert into something more appealing to the Obama administration. The video below shows a teen trying to implement these ideas with unfortunate results.

Lucky for us, she shared this so that we can avoid similar outcomes. Check out the video below (H/T Mad World News):

The teen replaced the marshmallow and chocolate with yogurt and strawberries respectively, as per USDA’s edict. Although it may sound delicious in theory, as shown in the clip, it is not a very practical alternative.


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