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Afghan’s ‘Torturer In Chief’ Living In LA Suburbs — And Nobody Knows How He Got There

Haji Gulalai, a.k.a Afghanistan’s “Torturer In Chief”, currently resides in a pink, two-story house in the Los Angeles suburbs – and no one seems to know how he got there.

Gulalai was head of the National Directorate of Security, which is basically a subsidiary of the CIA.

How did they guy make his way to Southern California?

Despite a substantial record of cruel human rights abuses and torture of hundreds of people, Gulalai was somehow able to bypass immigration barriers and land a nice, comfortable home in LA.

Of course, the CIA denies helping this psycho enter our country and acquire a home.

In Afghanistan, his presence was enough to cause prisoners to tremble. Hundreds in his organization’s custody were beaten, shocked with electrical currents or subjected to other abuses documented in human rights reports. Some allegedly disappeared.

And then Haji Gulalai disappeared as well.

The ten provinces with multiple incidents of torture by Afghanistan’s intelligence service the National Directorate of Security (NDS).

He had run Afghan intelligence operations in Kandahar after the U.S.-led invasion in 2001 and later served as head of the spy service’s detention and interrogation branch. After 2009, his whereabouts were unknown.

Because of his reputation for brutality, Gulalai was someone both sides of the war wanted gone. The Taliban tried at least twice to kill him. Despite Gulalai’s ties to the CIA and Afghan President Hamid Karzai, United Nations officials and U.S. coalition partners sought to rein him in or have him removed.

Today, Gulalai lives in a pink two-story house in Southern California, on a street of stucco homes on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

How he managed to land in the United States remains murky. Afghan officials and former Gulalai colleagues said that his U.S. connections — and mounting concern about his safety — account for his extraordinary accommodation.


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