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Israel steps up social media fight with satire on Gaza under Hamas

Animated video shows foreign journalist taken in by Hamas propaganda, until he dons a pair of glasses to see the reality.

Less than 24 hours after releasing its own preemptive report into IDF activity during last year’s Gaza conflict, Israel is keeping up its public advocacy campaign on social media. The Prime Minister’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have uploaded infographics highlighting the key findings in the report, and the Foreign Ministry has even decided to take things one step further, with a satirical piece of animation entitled “Open your eyes to what is happening in Gaza.”

The short video shows a foreign correspondent being interviewed on his perspective on life in the Gaza Strip, while the reality of the situation unfolds behind him.
Israeli-made cartoon satirizing Hamas rule in Gaza

“We are here in the center of Gaza, and as you can see, people here are trying to live quiet lives,” says the reporter. “There are no terrorists here, just ordinary people.”

Meanwhile, behind him a terrorist carrying a rocket walks past a woman in a burkha with a baby carriage and then launches a rocket.

The reporter then moves on to what he calls “Gaza’s underground city”, while in the background members of the Hamas military wing carry missiles and weapons, apparently following a sign directing them to Israel, and a poster on the wall reads: “MINIMUM 8 terrorists per tunnel.”



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