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DENMARK: Muslim immigration means “Danes can no longer sit on their own balcony and eat a ham sandwich”

MUSLIM immigrant gangs in Denmark are stronger than ever and hatred for the native Danish population continues to escalate.

10 NEWS In certain parts of Copenhagen, it is simply too dangerous for Danes to live there. Ethnic Danes feel unsafe there. They can not even sit outside and eat a ham sandwich or set a Danish flag on the table without the risk of being accosted by Muslim gangs.

Muslims say they hate Denmark and the Danes. And these young Muslims who were born and raised in Denmark. The youths are attracted by radical religious environments and immigrant gangs, where they come together to hate Denmark.’“

BlackArmyDenmarkSnipers attack police in Muslim area, locals reluctant to come forward as witnesses

Muslims are using immigrant gangs to enforce religious Sharia laws in residential areas throughoutDenmark. The unholy alliance between religious extremists and hardcore criminals is prevalent in residential areas where younger people being forced to behave in certain ways and women are forced to dress in particular ways.


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