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Denmark: Police flee, leaving non-Muslim couple under fire in Muslim area


I do not know what is most shocking: that the police are shot at with automatic weapons; that the police flee and leave an innocent couple in an area filled with armed and shooting criminals; that non-Muslims are cleansed from the area; or that the police do not just drive down to the burning houses to see if people need saving…

The article is from 2012. Since then things have just gotten worse.

Translated from BT:

It was nearly fatal for two Danes in Vollsmose to talk to police. Not only were they fired upon with automatic weapons; for the next two years, they had to put up with stone throwing, vandalism and harassment.

The couple wants to be anonymous, but have chosen to tell their story about their life in the ghetto Vollsmose after BT yesterday told how ethnic Danes are targeted by burglars. A campaign in which nine out of ten of the 150 burglaries over the last few months – according to a police officer – were directed against ethnic Danes.

The young couple’s nightmare began on Thursday, August 13, 2009, as they walked through Vollsmose. The district was in flames after a 19-year-old had tried to run away from the police and then crashed his BMW.

“A police car came rolling towards us with lights off. The officer rolled down the window and asks if it was burning much down there where we came from. This I could confirm,” says AH, which at that time had only lived in Vollsmose for a month.

“As I answered the police officer, somebody started shooting against the police. My girlfriend and I threw ourselves to the ground and crept into the sand behind us. Then we heard the police car’s screeching wheels as it fled.”

The frightened couple stayed down until the danger had passed, then hurried home.

“I thought, ‘can we live in such a hell?’ But we agreed that the rioters should not be allowed to scare us away.”

A 35-year-old man was jailed for having fired 8 to 10 shots at the police with an automatic weapon, and the riots faded out. But AH and HH’s nightmare was only just beginning.


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