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Israeli Organizations Working Against Israel at the UN

Im Tirtzu’s latest report reveals 3 Israeli organizations promoting the delegimization of Israel in ECOSOC.
563629Im Tirtzu’s latest report reveals how three Israeli organizations, which have consultant status at the Economic-Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), have been acting against the State of Israel and promoting the delegitimization of Israel in the international community. The groups have also been calling for an inquiry into IDF actions in Gaza.

Because the status conferred upon the organizations is a very prestigious one, as far as non-governmental organizations go, they are able to advise UN institutions on human rights, and can influence formulation of positions and resolutions adopted by the various UN bodies.

The groups – Adalah, Itijah, and the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions – use their access to UN organizations to accuse Israel and the IDF of war crimes, violations of international law related to combat and human rights, torture of Palestinians, and other crimes.

Im Tirtzu said that all three organizations have enjoyed funding from the New Israel Fund (NIF), among other sources, and Adalah receives money from the NIF to this day.

A long history of Israel-bashing

During Operation Protective Edge last summer, Adalah and other organizations appealed to the UN to establish an investigative committee on the grounds that the IDF and the State of Israel violated international law.

When the UN’s Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the most senior body dealing with human rights issues, established a fact-finding committee following the Mavi Marmara flotilla in 2010, it was information provided by Adalah that led the UNHRC to determine that the blockade of Gaza and the IDF operation to stop the flotilla were illegal, and that there was clear evidence that Israel had violated the Fourth Geneva Convention.

During the Cast Lead counter-terror operation in 2008-9, Adalah and other Palestinian organizations approached the UN demanding it act to force Israel to stop fighting, and accusing Israel of war crimes.

With the establishment of the Goldstone Commission by the Human Rights Council, Adalah provided information and even sent a representative to testify before the Commission.

After the Goldstone Report, Adalah established a committee of experts to “oversee” the implementation of the report’s conclusions. The committee claimed that investigations conducted in Israel were unfair and that there was a lack of transparency because senior military officers were not questioned about elements of the operation.

‘Abolish the Law of Return’

When the UNHRC held an inquiry into the status of the Arab minority in the State of Israel, Adalah filed reports enumerating alleged violations of Arabs’ civil and political rights. The UNHRC included many of the arguments that Adalah put forward, in the conclusions of its own report. On the basis of the information provided by Adalah, it recommended that Israel amend its basic laws including the definition of a Jewish state. In addition, the committee recommended canceling the Law of Return.

According to Im Tirtzu, the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions submitted three complaints to the UN against Israel, asking the UN to launch an investigation of what they term “Israeli war crimes” in eastern Jerusalem.



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