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[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Life Under ISIS Rule: Public Beheading’s-Stoning-Floggings-Slavery & Destruction

by Richard Anthony

Liberals in the United States claim that Christian conservatives wish to turn the U.S. into a ‘Theocracy’…well they don’t know what that really means, so I thought I’d show them. Anyone who is unlucky enough to be caught living in a city that comes under ISIS rule, live under constant threat of death (or worse), for the slightest of infractions meted-out by these throw-backs to the 7th century and their corrupted belief that is the ‘religion’ of Islam. If you’re a ‘liberal’ and you really want to see what real ‘theocratic oppression’ looks like…then continue reading and don’t forget to watch the video at the bottom of this article (if you have the balls).

One year has past since Islamic State shocked the world and marched into Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul. Now through secret video footage and interviews obtained by the BBC, some residents in Mosul have revealed how their lives have been turned upside down. From being forced to wear a veil to destroying Iraq’s ancient archaeological sites, ISIS has governed Mosul in accordance with its own radical interpretation of Shariah law.

The residents confirm how locals are forced to watch public executions and abide by ISIS’s strict rule or face unimaginable suffering.
Any man found guilty of homosexuality by an ISIS court, is thrown from the tallest building in the city.
ISIS maintains a brutal reputation for carrying out public executions and stoning for banditry and adultery.

One woman, named as Hanaa, claimed she had heard stories of a woman being publicly humiliated after she went to the market wearing a burqa. When a member of the ISIS religious police, al-Hesbah, saw her bare hands, he lambasted her and ordered to put on a pair of black gloves. She also recalled seeing a father struggling to find his young daughter because he was in a crowd of women all wearing identical black veils.

Local residents are reportedly forced to watch the public executions. Locals are frequently whipped in public if they do not close their shops and go to the mosque at prayer times.

Islamic State’s repressive regime has left many residents fearing for their lives as the extremist group’s religious police often do random house searches.

Hanaa spoke of her own personal experience of how her life has changed since ISIS arrived. She remembered one occasion when she begged her husband to take her to a restaurant because she was getting bored at home and women under ISIS cannot leave the house without a male escort. “As soon as we sat down,my husband told me that I could finally reveal my face as there was no IS presence and the restaurant was a place for families.”

Shortly afterwards the restaurant owner approached her husband and asked him to cover his wife’s face, fearing reprisal from ISIS fighters.

Since ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdaid declared himself self-appointed caliph of the newly established Islamic State in Mosul mosque, life in Mosul significantly worsened.

Hundreds of cars wait in line as desperate Iraqi attempted to flee the advancing forces of ISIS last year as the extremist group took Mosul.

ISIS thugs blew up the ancient pilgrim site, the tomb of the prophet Yunus (biblical referred to as Jonah).

An ISIS fighter destroys the face of an Assyrian lamussa, a mythological god-like creature. The lamussa used to guard the ancient Assyrian site of Nimrud.

Two ISIS militants destroy statues and other historical artifacts in Mosul’s main historical museum. They later released a video of the atrocities.

The famous book market of Baghdad (pictured) would not exist if the city was under ISIS control as the extremist group have targeted intellectuals and contradictory literature.

The restaurant owner was scared that an ISIS fighter might make a spot check and flog him for the offence. Hanaa admitted she did as the restaurant owner asked, fearing for his safety. “I Started wondering about how ignorant and merciless the state of affairs had become,” she said. Minority groups in Mosul, particularly the Christian community have suffered at the hands of Islamic State.

One Christian woman, named as Mariam, fled her home in Mosul to live in the Kurdish city of Irbil. However, she left behind her greatest passion in life, her vast library of books. Since leaving the city, she was told by neighbours that her cherished books were thrown on to the street and her house had been locked up. Sprayed on the wall of the house, Islamic State differentiates the properly as formerly belonging to a Christian, using the letter N to signify the word ‘Nasrani’-  the Arabic word for Christian.

Islamic State have also regularly published fresh images of their latest atrocities, from throwing a man accused of homosexuality from the room of a courthouse, to stoning two adulterers to death.


Kurdish women are well known for fighting in female battalions, organised by groups like the YPG. Many ISIS fighters reportedly fear being killed by a woman in battle, believing they won’t go to paradise.

2979F1FA00000578-3116949-image-a-66_1433863295781Two Kurdish fighters pose to take a selfie in their military uniforms in the Iraqi Kurdish capital city of Irbil.

Here is a video that was smuggled-out at the risk of a woman’s life to show the world exactly what it is to live under ISIS rule.


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